“Project Pegasus”: “I am going to instruct my lawyer to file a complaint”, announced the former journalist Dominique Simonnot

The current one controller general of places of deprivation of liberty hopes that, unlike the microphones affair in 1973, “justice will behave a little faster”.

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“I am going to instruct my lawyer Jérémie Assous to file a complaint”, announced Sunday, July 18 on franceinfo Dominique Simonnot, controller general of places of deprivation of liberty and former journalist at Canard Enchaîné who learned “with amazement” that she is among those selected as a target by the Pegasus spyware. Many states use spyware to target activists, lawyers, journalists and including politicians, according to a global investigation led by an international consortium of journalists created by Forbidden Stories, in which the investigation unit of Radio France participates.

The Comptroller General of Places of Deprivation of Liberty emphasizes that she was targeted as a journalist, “long before I became a controller”. “It is a real scandal to listen to journalists. They had access to my contacts, to all of our private and professional life”, she reacted on franceinfo.

Dominique simonnot “do not see why” she would have been targeted. She recalls that the Chained Duck “is used” to be watched. “There had been the famous case of the microphones in 1973. Perhaps it is to spy through me my former colleagues of the Duck”, she wonders. In December 1973, a cartoonist and administrator of the weekly surprised two “plumbers”, in reality agents of the DST, busy installing microphones in the offices to identify the people who communicate sensitive information to the weekly. After the microphones affair, “the Duck had lodged a complaint. Justice had dismissed the case when we knew perfectly well where it came from”.

She hopes “that there, by filing a complaint, justice will behave a little faster”. Dominique Simonnot finds the situation “dizzying”. She wonders, “What nonsense I could have said, what could I have said, to what they had access? It is frightening”.

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