Prostate cancer: the warning signs

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – The earlier this disease is treated, the better its prognosis. It is still necessary to be attentive to the first symptoms.

It is a male attribute located just below the bladder, which is generally not talked about until the dawn of the sixties. Then he catches up. Everyone knows from near or far a man who, having reached retirement age, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. No surprise here: it is the first male cancer in France, clearly ahead of lung and colon cancers. “By the age of 80, one in two men has prostate cancer. And if all men all lived to be 100 years old, they would all or almost all develop this tumor“, underlines Pr Alexandre de la Taille, urological surgeon at the Henri-Mondor hospital, in Créteil.

Every year, about 50,000 men receive the bad news in this way. But if this cancer is extremely common, it is also the one with the best prognosis (93% of affected men will still be alive 5 years after diagnosis). And all the more so when it is treated at an early stage. It is still necessary…

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