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On February 27, Christian Lantenois, photojournalist for the newspaper Union, was violently assaulted and injured in the head during a report. He was hit with his own photographic lens. Since this attack, he is still hospitalized, his vital prognosis remains engaged.

One person has been charged with attempted murder. The seriousness of the facts obliges us today to alert public opinion in order to raise collective awareness. Our desire is to open a social debate around subjects that affect us all in order to lead to concrete actions. We cannot stand idly by.

Every day, and more particularly since 2015 and the attack on Charlie, journalists are more and more frequently targeted: verbal or physical attacks, threats, damage to property (equipment, cars, premises, etc.). Most of the complaints filed are dismissed.

→ ANALYSIS. Demonstrations in difficult neighborhoods, informing under threat

During reports or on social networks, incitement to hatred has become our daily life. How to work in these conditions, how to report, how to bear witness on the ground to what the French are going through? We share the observation that verbal violence gives rise to physical violence. Without an appropriate penal response, the feeling of impunity of those who obstruct the freedom to inform and the democratic debate continues to increase.

With all the newspapers of the regional daily press and the national daily press, we say end to impunity, to enforce or even change the law and better protect journalists in the exercise of their function. To exercise our profession in the best conditions and to continue to inform you, we are calling for a firm and appropriate penal response.

Social networks, a no-go area

The largest lawless area in France is not the suburbs, it is social networks! The platforms must be the guarantors of the application of their general conditions of use. Anonymization of profiles, non-respect of the legal registration age, incitement to hatred, online threats must be fought and condemned with the greatest firmness. What is not allowed in the real world cannot be allowed in the virtual world.

To better understand these issues, while the School Press Week is taking place, it is towards the younger generations that we want to lead part of our action. The objective: to understand the role of journalists, the press and the media in our society. Discover how journalists work, be able to challenge them, question them. The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. We ask for the establishment of a structured media education policy for the youngest and throughout the school career.

Citizens, teachers, parents, associations, business leaders, local elected officials, political representatives, we need each of you by our side to carry out this project together, which commits us to a more respectful and responsible society.

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