Protests against the health pass: more than 175,000 opponents marched, a figure in sharp decline

Interior Ministry figures show 220 protest actions in the country, which brought together just over 175,500 participants, about 40,000 fewer than last week.

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Opponents of pass sanitary and vaccination had an appointment for their sixth weekend mobilization, Saturday August 21. More than 220 demonstrations have been recorded by the Ministry of the Interior. In total, 175,503 people marched, announces the same source, a figure clearly down from the week previous, which had mobilized nearly 215,000 demonstrators. Across France, 20 people were arrested, a figure up from the last Saturday of mobilization which resulted in 11 arrests. A member of the security forces was also injured.

The numerous processions notably gathered 14,700 people in Paris and 6,000 in Toulon, according to official figures communicated by the Ministry of the Interior. Elsewhere in France, there are 4,000 demonstrators in Marseille, 3,400 in Bordeaux and 3,200 in Lille, report the local prefectures. Figures disputed by the militant collective Le Nombre Jaune: it has for its part identified 357,100 demonstrators “minimum” in France. However, the number of protesters is down again, since 388,843 people had beaten the pavement last week, estimated the collective.

A large demonstration also took place in Montpellier (Hérault): 9,500 people gathered in Montpellier to protest against the pass health, according to the prefecture. An increasing mobilization, after the 7,500 demonstrators identified last Saturday. Clashes took place in the afternoon between anti-fascist activists and those of the Ligue du Midi, a far-right movement, reports in particular France Blue Herault. Several throwing bottles and wooden planks were observed and people were injured.

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