Psychiatrist, psychologist, psychoanalyst: who to choose?

OUR ADVICE – They don’t see and deal with our ailments the same way. And, above all, they do not have the same efficiency or the same limits.

For yourself or a loved one, you may have already sought help from a specialist in small or large ailments of the psyche. And ask yourself where to turn in the jungle of therapists. Because, even if they share the same prefix, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts do not have the same training or the same field of competence. Even if a single professional can combine several of these titles …

Of all these disciplines, psychiatry is the only one to be sanctioned by a medical degree. And the psychiatrist is the only mental health specialist who can diagnose and prescribe medication. “We are interested in neurological disorders that lead to behavioral disorders”, explains the Dr Emmanuel Loeb, psychiatrist pharmacologist at the Orsay hospital (Essonne). Schematically, “The psychiatrist sees mental illnesses as the result of hormonal imbalances or of disturbances in exchanges

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