Psychosis, bulimia, anxiety: when cannabis shakes lives

TESTIMONIALS – Mistake of youth or experience of a lifetime: eight young people, former regular smokers, testify to the consequences of taking cannabis on their lives.

Even today, Emma has trouble finding her words: “I sometimes take a long time to express an idea“. She is 27 years old and has been a business lawyer for a few months in a large law firm. And yet, when she was younger, she was one of the heaviest smokers in high school. The use of cannabis, which began at the age of twelve, rocked her for ten years.

Like Emma, ​​1.4 million French people smoke regularly. While the issue of legalization is topical in the Assembly, Le Figaro has chosen to focus, through testimonies, on the effects generated by the consumption of cannabis in the long term. Eight former regular smokers spoke to the Figaro : between youthful error and life experience, they tell us their story.

Lucas, 27, is a commercial. Originally from the Paris region, he started working very young. He shot his first joint in second: ” At that time it was just for fun. We smoked with friends and we had a good timeHe remembers. Over the years, its consumption has changed. He then goes from the firecracker between friends to the one, all alone, in his bed: “In fact, I think it all changed when I learned to ride. I then bought my own bags and got started“. In five years, Lucas thinks he spent about “50,000 euros in cigarettes and joints“.

Louise, 26, and Gabrielle, 23, started around the age of 16: “About ten a day, and at the highest, upon waking upLouise admits. “Usually I started at noon», Confesses Gabrielle:«I was very lonely, I made up for a void by smoking, and that allowed me to think of nothing. At the beginning it’s festive and recreational, then it’s more complicated: you start to get high on your own, and you fall into a gear», She analyzes.

Like Gabrielle, many of them have used cannabis to fill a void. Emma’s parents were divorcing, Louise did not want to face a complicated family situation, they all three found refuge in this drug, known as “sweet“:”it was a bit like taking medicine, it calmed me down», Emma confides. Louise goes further and talks about effects “anesthetics“:”I think those who consume so much either need to forget or need to forget themselves“.

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But not all are faced with difficulties of this type. Lucas had no family problem. According to him, the fact of smoking so much is rather a reflection of his mentality: “I tend to do everything thoroughly“. “At first you smoke a joint, then a second, then a before sleeping. The next day, you think you won’t be able to go to bed without, etc.“, He says, before adding that in the end, he found himself consuming about fifteen” firecrackers “per day:”Two in the morning, one on the lunch break at work, one on the afternoon break, and the rest scattered throughout the evening“. Caught in a whirlwind, they all quickly found themselves stranded.

Memory loss, bulimia, psychosis, anxiety …

They all started because “it was cool to smoke“,”cool to roll the biggest joint“,”we invited you in the evening», It creates links when humans need it most, during adolescence. With hindsight, all the interviewees identify a border between recreation and pure addiction, without pleasure: “the moment you start smoking on your own at homeGabrielle transcribed. If at the beginning the effects are “fun», After months or even years of use, certain negative effects appear. For the most part, it consists of memory loss and trouble concentrating. “In addition to memory loss, I had eating disordersReveals Louise, who wanted to eat every time she pulled on a joint. Gabrielle, she especially noticed her changing mood: “I was constantly on edge. I could get angry over nothing, and my relatives blamed me. I thought it was my character, but it was a side effect of the drugs», She believes today.

Others have experienced psychic effects, including anxiety, stress and psychosis. Thomas and Lucas paid the price: “If I texted a boyfriend or my girlfriend, and they didn’t answer me within half an hour, I would ask myself 10,000 questions: what did I do, I said something wrong, maybe she’s with another guy, he’s hiding something from me … it was really exhaustingHe remembers. Thomas, himself, questioned each of his decisions. “When I was smoking, I would do the whole movie again in my head. Even if it means going back sometimes. However, when I woke up the next morning, everything was clear.“”Not everyone reacts the same“, Gabrielle analyzes, who adds that”some even become schizophrenic“.


If the effects of cannabis on the organism are undeniable on the body and on the psyche, this drug can also cause ruptures with school, family, friends, but also with life. All the interviewees noticed a decrease in their capacity during the school level: “Already that I was disinterested in school, I was all the more in the west while smoking», Tells us Louise, who qualifies as “miracle” his non-repetition. While Emma continued to have good grades, the joint mainly affected her sleep, which prevented her from waking up many times in the morning, and therefore caused her to miss several lessons.

On the contrary, Lucas believes that cannabis has stimulated him in the professional environment. “I would work between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m., smoke during lunch break, and then ask for a 30-40 minute break around 5 p.m. to go roll my joint», Says the manager. “I don’t think they ever suspected that I was high, because they always knew me like that.

If everyone explains that cannabis has brought groups of friends together, Leon has lost a friendship because of it: “My best friend from high school smoked a lot, I tried to help him, but he shut up because he was ashamed. He would steal his parents for weed and run away. Every time I spoke to him, he would send me ball. One day he told me so many horrors that I left“. If he has no news from him today, he knows in any case that he missed his medical studies because of the joint.

“It’s not complicated to stop, what is difficult is not to start again”

After seeing all these effects, one day they woke up. Most have found a balanced rhythm of life, and others have replaced it with new occupations: “I got into intensive sport, it helped me a lotGabrielle says. “I met a girl, and I wanna build a life», Says Lucas in turn. For Emma, ​​it was work: “I didn’t have time to see my friends with whom I was smoking, so it happened naturally“. While the others quit because of anxieties, psychosis and other effects. While for some it was easy enough, for others the temptation is still great. “I remember a phrase from my grandfather: ‘It is not difficult to stop, what is difficult is not to start again’.

Between youthful error and life experience, they are quite divided: if some would have preferred never to have started, others feel they have no remorse. “I aspire to have a family, to have children and a country house. For that, you have to be in good health, so you have to stop one day», Judge Lucas. Louise, she regrets having smoked so much: “I link my cannabis use to a floating and disconnected adolescence“. “If I could advise the twelve year old Emma I would surely say not to start so young and not to consume so much“, Concludes Emma, ​​whereas Thomas would have simply said to himself:”stop smoking that shit!


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