Public transport: local communities are asking the government for more resources

The Group of authorities responsible for transport (Gart), which brings together local communities, calls on the State to do more for public transport, Thursday April 1. The organization criticizes in particular the last envelope of 450 million euros planned for infrastructure, estimating that “the account is not there”.

The law resulting from the Grenelle de l’Environnement had provided for the State to invest 2.5 billion euros over ten years in public transport projects on its own site in agglomerations outside Ile-de-France before 2020. If the government has launched a fourth call for projects, paving the way for the allocation of subsidies to communities, it is only endowed with 450 million euros. It lacks, according to Gart, 400 million euros to achieve the objectives set by the State.

“These 450 million, it does not even make three kilometers of metro on the scale of France”, mocked the president (EELV) of the metropolis of Lyon, Bruno Bernard, first vice-president of Gart, during a press videoconference. For him, “public transport is the forgotten part of the recovery plan”.

Regarding the financing of public transport, Louis Nègre, President of Gart, and mayor (LR) of Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes) calls for his wishes “a programming law that allows for a term, that is to say at least five years, to have visibility”. The government has entrusted a mission on the financing of public transport to the former deputy mayor of Caen (PS) Philippe Duron.

Le Gart demands that Ile-de-France and the other regions of France be treated fairly by the state, while the revenues of the organizing authorities have fallen sharply because of the health crisis.

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