Purchasing power: the revaluation of pensions postponed to September

They hoped to collect it in August. Retirees will finally wait until early September to benefit from the early revaluation of their basic pension. During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron undertook to increase pensions from July, without waiting for the automatic revaluation scheduled for January, in order to fight against inflation.

By the time a law was passed, the government then explained that this gesture would only be effective from August, when the monthly pension was paid, but with retroactive effect on the previous month. As had been feared, however, this delay was not enough. On August 3, parliamentarians approved a 4% increase in pensions and social benefits as part of the emergency measures for purchasing power.

Payment on September 9

“However, the timetable for the parliamentary examination of this law did not allow the pension insurance to deploy this revaluation on the payment of the July pension paid in August”, indicated last Monday the National Fund of old-age insurance (CNAV).

It will therefore apply “from the payment of the pension for the month of August, paid on September 9”. “The amount corresponding to the revaluation on the retirement of the month of July will be paid retroactively with the payment of September 9”, specifies the CNAV.

This gesture for the purchasing power only concerns the pension of right, the survivor’s pension, the solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa) and the supplementary disability allowance (ASI). It comes on top of the 1.1% increase that occurred in January 2022 and Emmanuel Macron has not ruled out a further increase in January 2023.

Social benefits and APL on August 18

Other increases set by the emergency law on purchasing power adopted last Wednesday: that of social benefits (family allowances, active solidarity income, allowance for disabled adults) up to 4%, and that of personalized housing aid (APL), 3.5%. These increases are retroactive to the date of 1er July 2022 and their amount will be paid automatically from August 18, CAF said.

With regard to the 3.5% increase in the index point for civil servants, adopted within the framework of the amending finance bill (PLFR), the second part of the “purchasing power package” voted on 4 August, it should result in an increase on the payroll for the month of August, with retroactive effect from 1er July 2022.

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