Pure ghee is helpful in weight loss and increase immunity, know how to use

New Delhi Cow ghee is used in almost every household in India. Most people use cow’s ghee to enhance taste in food. At the same time, people start using it fiercely in winter. However, many people have the illusion that ghee made from cow’s milk increases body fat, due to which many people use it less to control weight. While this is not the case, cow’s ghee strengthens the body as well as prevents the formation of excess fat in the body.

Healthy fat is found in cow’s ghee like olive oil and coconut oil. Which, when consumed, does not freeze as extra fat in the body. The vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids present in cow’s ghee are helpful in reducing the fat present in the body. Which helps in reducing the increased weight. Dieticians believe that the amino acids present in cow’s ghee reduce the size of fat cells by dissolving the fat that has been present in the body for a long time.

Cow ghee plays a very important role in the disease of gout, to digest food, to keep away from allergies and to strengthen bones. There is plenty of DHA in cow’s ghee. In addition, it also has antifungal, antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Due to which the body’s immunity increases manifold. While increasing immunity, the body develops the ability to fight infection.

Cow ghee should be used thrice a day to keep the body strong and reduce obesity. Using a spoon in cow’s milk in the morning and cow’s ghee in lentils in the afternoon is quite beneficial. Cow ghee can be used along with milk before sleeping at night.

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