Pyaar Ka Punchnama fame Sonnalli Seygall rejected Hate Story because she wants to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Actress Sonnalli Seygall, who made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’. She has been missing from the silver screen for several days. But soon she will be seen doing action. She will return to the screen with Sunny Leone in Vikram Bhatt’s direct web series ‘Anamika’. Let us tell you that this web series will be released on MX Player on March 10. The shooting of this 10-episode series has been completed in Mumbai. Regarding this, the actress had an exclusive conversation with Navbharat Times and shared many stories related to the series. Along with this, he has also spoken openly about his film career.

Such was the experience of doing action scenes
On the question of doing action in the series, Sonali says that she has never done action in her life. ‘I was very excited to do the action. But it was in my mind that I would do it right away. But when I reached the set, I came to know. The actress told that she worked very hard to do this scene. Because it is not easy to do, there are many technical terms, which took them many days to understand. Sonali further told that she enjoyed doing it more than the hard work she did.

Neil used to fall on the body
Sonali Sehgal told that after doing action scenes, there were many cut marks on her body. There were wounds in many places. Which he came to know about when he came home. He told, ‘Touchwood didn’t hurt much. But many times it happens that you do not know and when you come home and take a shower, then you come to know that well it has hurt, it has become blue here. This used to happen everyday. My mother used to be like that where will she get hurt today.

Such is the character in the series
Sonali also talks about Anamika. He told about his character. Said, ‘My character’s name is Riya. I am playing the role of an agent. My character is chasing Sunny Leone’s character in the series. Sonali told that Anamika is the name of Sunny’s character. She was an agent of the same agency. But later it doesn’t. Riya is then hired to follow them and bring them back to the agency. Riya is a very focused and intelligent cop. He is very strong. She works with her mind. Very good in action. Excellent at work too. She lives 10 steps ahead of Sunny and if she doesn’t, she will never be able to catch him.

Experience with Director
Sonali shared her experience of working with director Vikram Bhatt. Told that ‘He is very calm and good. It was great fun working with him. He is very intelligent. His humour is also amazing. Sonali told that after reaching the set, Vikram Bhatt used to get rehearsals done with all the actors. And then started shooting. This helped them a lot. Apart from this, he has also praised Sunny Leone and Rahul Dev. It is said that a lot has been learned from them.

want to do such roles
Sonali told that during the promotion of the series, people appreciated her work. Said that for the first time seeing the action on the screen got a good response from everyone. He said that after doing romantic and comedy films, he is feeling very good doing action films. But in future she would like to do full emotion drama. She says that she wants to do a film in which there are many layers of characters. Sometimes he cried, sometimes he laughed. And her dream is to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

That’s why Hate Story’s offer was turned down.
Sonali Sehgal did many films. Did many music videos. Now she is seen in the web series for the first time. Talking about a career spanning 11 years, Sonali said, ‘I had turned down the offer of Hot Story. Because I didn’t want to go to that zone. I was being offered only glamorous roles in the beginning and even now, in which there was no scope to perform. I had to stay away from him. I wanted to perform. At that time I wanted to act. I probably could have made more money doing those films but I didn’t want to go into that space. The actress says that she has no regrets for not doing glamorous roles.


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