Queen Elizabeth II bids farewell to Prince Philip

Prince Philip, who died “peacefully” eight days ago at Windsor Castle at the age of 99, now rests in the vault of Saint George’s Chapel, on the grounds of the royal residence, at the end of ‘a sober ceremony which took place on Saturday April 17 in a small committee because of the pandemic, and millimeter.

His coffin will remain in the crypt until the Queen joins him there. The spouses thus reunited will then have as their final abode the Memorial Chapel of King George VI, father of Elizabeth II.

During the ceremony, the Dean of Windsor paid tribute to the“Unshakeable loyalty” from Prince Philip to the Queen, his “Courage “, her “Strength of soul” and his “Faith”.

Short procession

Limited to 30 people due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony at Windsor Castle was accompanied by a minute of silence across the UK at 3:00 p.m. (4:00 p.m. in France).

Covered with the Duke of Edinburgh’s personal banner, sword, Navy cap and a wreath of flowers, the coffin was carried in the back of a military green Land Rover that Prince Philip had himself helped conceive for 16 years.

Led by Charles, the Crown Prince, and his sister Princess Anne, the short procession, followed by the Queen in her Bentley, accompanied the coffin to the chapel for religious service. In the third line in the funeral procession, behind the children of the Queen and Prince Philip, were their grandsons William and Harry.

Queen Elizabeth II bids farewell to Prince Philip

The two brothers, with weak relations, exchanged a few words when they left the chapel. During the procession, they were separated by their cousin Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne. This choice was widely commented on in the press, on the lookout for any sign of reconciliation between the two sons of Prince Charles.

Military past

The procession was carried out to the sound of the Grenadier Guards fanfare, of which Philip was the colonel for 42 years, recalling the military past of the Duke of Edinburgh, who fought in the navy during World War II.

In terms of clothing, the royal family has endeavored to present a united front. All wore civilian clothes, thus avoiding distinguishing between Princes Andrew and Harry, both very attached to the army but withdrawn from the monarchy.

Even though he still belongs to the Navy, the appearance in uniform of Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son and ex-helicopter pilot, would have looked bad, his reputation having recently been heavily tarnished by his friendship with the deceased. American financier Jeffrey Epstein, prosecuted for trafficking in minors.

“Another era”

Absent from the family-only ceremony, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who followed her from the government residence in Checkers, posted a photo on Twitter showing him with his head bowed in tribute.

After having followed from the “Duke of Edinburgh”, a pub in Windsor, the retransmission of the ” very emotional “ ceremony, Jennyfer O’Sullivans confided to his emotion: “I cried a little, actually …” Although the public has been urged not to congregate outside the royal residences due to the pandemic, Windsor was buzzing with onlookers and locals, bouquets of flowers in hand.

Queen Elizabeth II bids farewell to Prince Philip

“After the ceremony, I will leave these flowers near the castle”, explains Maggy Kalpar, 45. “We were used to his presence”, underlines this resident living in Windsor for 18 years, coming “Say goodbye to one of your neighbors” : “He is an incredible man who is leaving us, the whole country is so sad.”

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Saluting Prince Philip’s dedication, Santosh Singh, who came to lay tulips at Buckingham Palace, recounts his grief, and deplores “That over time all that will change for another era”.


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