Rahu Transit 2022: After 18 years, ‘Rahu’ is coming in Aries, will benefit from land-building

Rahu Transit 2022 : The malefic planet Rahu is going to enter Aries. Rahu is considered an elusive planet. Which is the factor of sudden events in life. Rahu will transit from Taurus to Aries on 12th April 2022. According to astrology, Rahu is always a retrograde planet. Rahu is coming in Aries after eighteen and a half years. Know horoscope-

Family Life – Give time at home
Rahu’s zodiac change is asking Aries people to be alert. Aries people should take great care that taking the family along should be a priority. Give time at home, sit and talk because the position of Rahu is going to reduce family happiness for the people of Aries. Control your speech and speak wisely because the time is going on with the members. Solidarity in the family will give you happiness. There may be a party or a function to go with the family.

Career – Do not be weak in terms of tech
Focus on official work. Using technology in the methods of your work will prove beneficial for you. If you are doing business, then there is a need to be cautious in the matter of transactions because some problems may arise intermittently in the livelihood, it will have to be resolved with prudence. In every matter related to money, there will be a reduction in the obstacles and many small opportunities will also be available to make money. In the field of work, if you take any step thoughtfully, then it will be beneficial for you. Good thinking and wise decisions will lead to good results. People who are involved in business related to property, land etc. They can get good profit. Those who are doing their business in the field of pesticide, urea, chemical etc. will also get good success. Mother can get benefit. Any kind of lucky coupon in the name of mother is likely to benefit from the scheme. Those who have made mother a partner in their business, their business will shine.

Married life – Do not dispute with your spouse
Rahu will affect your married life. Due to which situations of differences will arise with the spouse, but there will also be full support towards the child. Your intellect is sharp and by using it in the right place, you will be able to earn good profit.

Students can hit the target
Time will also be a factor for the students. Students who are preparing for competitive exams or whose exam time is approaching. For them, the time till April can prove to be lucky. Proper use of this time by working hard will bring you great success.

Measure : Donate incense sticks to the temple in the evening on Sundays. This donation will help you to avoid the ongoing negative effects due to Rahu.

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