Rakhi Sawant’s song mixed with crows, flare up – Hey songs, give me, why are you talking in the middle

There is hardly a day when Rakhi Sawant does not show in her drama ‘Bigg Boss 14’. This time Rakhi Sawant is seen copying Shahnaz Gill, the biggest entertainer of ‘Bigg Boss 13′. In this video, she is seen doing and talking to crows in between. Recall that in the last season, Shahnaz Gill was seen sitting in the garden area outside the house and talking to the crow. After the crows’ voice, Shahnaz was also seen talking to her as a cow. Shahnaz’s style was also liked by the fans. Now Rakhi Sawant is seen doing similar things. In this video, Rakhi Sawant is talking about becoming a singer sitting in the garden area. She closed her eyes and said – Tansen ji, where are you, make me a singer. There is not much difference between you and me. When you used to sing, lamps were burnt, when I sing, lamps are extinguished. So power is there. After this, she also says the same thing to Bigg Boss and says- If a single bird comes from my song, then I am a successful singer. With this, she starts singing and then the crow sitting on the tree starts shivering. On this Rakhi flares up and says – Oh songs, why give, why is speaking in the middle. Then Jan Kumar comes there and she asks him – tell me which is the raga. On this, life makes fun of them and says – Your hand is going up, but the tone is stuck there.


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