Ram Katha Kali Kamad Gai… Ram Katha Kamadhenu cow who fulfills all desires in Kali Yuga

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas: Ram Katha is life-blessing. Goswami ji explained in detail about the benefits of Ram Katha. It destroys the sins of those who are dependent listeners and speakers of Ram Katha. Tulsidas ji has told the story of Ram as Kamdhenu. Kamdhenu is not everywhere and is found with great difficulty. Similarly, the story of Rama is heard with great difficulty in Kaliyuga. In Satyug, Treta it was sung from house to house, in Dwapar only in the house of gentlemen, but in Kaliyuga, it was sung at some places. In this sequence, let us further understand the glory of Ram Katha.

Budh Bishram Sakal Jan Ranjani.
Ramkatha Kali Kalusha Bibhajani ..
Ramkatha Kali panang filling.
Puni Bibek Pavak Kahun Arni ..

The story of Rama gives rest to the wise, pleases all human beings and destroys the sins of Kali Yuga. Ramkatha is a peacock for the snake of Kaliyuga and Arani is the wood to be churned to reveal the fire of wisdom, that is, knowledge is attained from this story.

Ram Katha Kali Kamad was sung.
Sujan Sajivani Muri Suhai ..
Soi Basudhatal Sudha Tarangini.
Fear Bhanjani Illusion Bhek Bhuangini ..

Kamdhenu is the cow that fulfills all the desires in the Kaliyuga, and for the gentlemen, there is a beautiful Sanjivani. This is the river of nectar on earth, the destroyer of fear of birth and death and a snake to eat the frogs of illusion.

Asura sen sum hell nikandini.
Sadhu Bibudh Kulhit Girinandini .
Sant Samaj Payodhi Rama C.
Biswa Bhaar Bhar Bhar Immovable Chhama Si ..

This Ram story is Parvati i.e. Durga, the destroyer of hell like an army of demons and the one who benefits the family of deities in the form of a sage. This saint-samaj is like Lakshmi ji for the soft ocean and is like the immovable earth to bear the weight of the whole world.

Jam gun muh masi jag jamuna si.
Janu Kasi for the salvation of life.
Ramhi Dear Pavani Tulsi C.
Tulsidas Hit Hi Hulsi Si ..

It is like Yamuna ji in the world for putting soot on the face of the eunuchs and it is as if Kashi is there to give salvation to the living beings. It is dear to Shri Ram ji like holy basil and for Tulsidas, like mother Hulsi, is beneficial from the heart.

Sivpriya Mekal Sal Suta C.
Gross accomplishment happiness wealth rasi .
Sadgun Surgan Amb Aditi C.
Raghubar Bhagati Prem Paramiti C ..

This Ram Katha is as dear to Shiva as Narmada ji, it is the sum of all siddhis and happiness and wealth. Mother is like Aditi for creating and nurturing the deities in the form of virtue. Shri Raghunath ji’s devotion and love have the ultimate limit.

Ramkatha Mandakini Chitrakoot Chit Charu.
Tulsi Subhag Saneh Ban Siya Raghubir Biharu..

Tulsidas ji says that Ramkatha is the Mandakini river, the beautiful pure mind is Chitrakoot, and the beautiful love is the forest in which Shri Sita Ram ji resides.

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Barnaum Raghubar Bisad Jasu listen Kali Kalush Nasai, by listening to Ram Charitra, the sins of Kaliyuga are destroyed.

Mahamantra Joi chants Mahesu, Mahadev himself chants Ram Naam, chanting Ram Naam brings welfare


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