Rape and murder of Angélique: David Ramault sentenced to life imprisonment

At the end of four days of trial, the jurors of the trial of David Ramault found him guilty of the rape and murder of Angélique Six. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a security period of 25 years.

It is a verdict that does not surprise anyone: David Ramault was found guilty on November 19 of having raped and killed Angélique Six, then aged 12. He is sentenced to life imprisonment, with a safety period of 25 years. At the end of his sentence, he will have to be evaluated again before any release from prison. A definitive ban on exercising a profession in contact with children has also been pronounced. A permanent care course will also be offered to him. Angélique’s relatives, and members of the association “Angelique’s smile” were numerous on the benches of the civil parties, sporting white or purple T-shirts printed with the photo of the young girl.

The verdict is slightly lower than the requisitions of the general counsel, Carole Etienne, who had insisted in the morning on the voluntary nature of the acts perpetrated by David Ramault. “He was always aware of the gravity of the act he was going to commit, by preparing the scenario for the capture of his victim, by taking her to his home” she said in particular. She asked for a 30-year safety period, an exceptional case since this can normally be up to 22 years.

The defense lawyer, Me Demey, was simply asking for a shorter period of safety on condition of care, without challenging the life imprisonment. “The Advocate General is right: it is not an impulse. It is what it really is, what it always has been. But while it has an unstable mental structure, for 20 years it nothing happens, he succeeds in repressing what he is “, pleaded the magistrate, insisting on the deep psychological disorders of the accused, qualified as “perverse” by the experts interviewed.

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