“Raya and the Last Dragon”: an epic trailer for the upcoming Disney animated film

The film, which features a young warrior in a world inspired by Southeast Asia, is announced for March 31, 2021 in France.

From Combat, a Fearless Adventurer, and a Kingdom to Save: Disney’s Next Animated Film, Raya and the last dragon is revealed in a first trailer. The film stars Raya, a young warrior who will have to face the evil forces threatening the kingdom of Kumandra. In these imaginary lands, inspired by Southeast Asia, humans and dragons once lived in harmony. Because to save humanity from the threat of Druuns (malicious monsters), dragons have sacrificed themselves. Five centuries later, Raya will go in search of the last dragon “to find peace“within his divided kingdom.

The film is announced for March 31, 2021 in France. It is directed by Don Hall (Vaiana, The princess and the Frog, Kuzco), Carlos Lopez Estrada. Paul Briggs and John Ripa are also part of the production team. This is Kelly Marie Tran (Rose in the last trilogy Star wars) who vocally embodies Raya for the English version, while the role was originally given to Cassie Steele (series Degrassi). She gives the reply to the rapper and actress Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians) who encamps the dragon Sisu.

More in the line of the impetuous Vaiana only princesses of Arendelle, Raya is presented as a combative young girl, shrewd, ready to embark on perilous adventures. She is “technically a princess“Kelly Marie Tran told Entertainment Weekly (article in English). But it is also “a real warrior“, notes the actress.”When she was a child she was excited to have her sword. And she grows up to be a brave and tough warrior who can take care of herself“She continues. Great classic at Disney, the heroine will be assisted by an animal sidekick, here the cute Tuk Tuk, a humorous touch of the film as could be Mushu for Mulan.

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