Reckless driver misbehaved with Kunal Khemu and gave filthy abuses, actor complained to Mumbai Police

Actor Kunal Khemu and his wife Soha Ali Khan took to social media on Sunday morning to write a post about rough driving on the road. He told about the road rage accident that happened to himself. Kunal Khemu, while complaining to the Mumbai Police, said that a man not only put his life in danger but also abused him badly. He requested the Mumbai Police to take immediate action on this matter.

Describing the accident on Twitter, Kunal Khemu wrote, “This morning at 9 am on my way to Juhu for breakfast with my wife, daughter and two of my neighbour’s kids. Meanwhile, this car driver (the actor shared the picture of the car) was driving recklessly. This man tried to overtake without honking. Not only this, this driver suddenly applied the brakes in front of my car. This careless driver not only played with his own safety but also put the safety of everyone sitting in my car at risk. Because of this person, I stopped the car with great difficulty and applied the brakes. It was very painful because I had children in my car at that time. ,

Kunal further told that, then the person came out after stopping his car and started abusing dirty in front of women and children. As soon as I took out the phone to record all this, he ran out of there. I appeal to Mumbai Police to take cognizance of this matter.

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Mumbai Police reacted on Twitter on Kunal Khemu’s complaint. Police said that Santa Cruz Traffic Police will soon take action on this matter and inform you.


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