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Regional in Paca: “stab in the back”, “risk of explosion” of the party, many elected Republicans are indignant at the alliance LR-LREM

Reactions are multiplying on the right after the announcement this Sunday of the withdrawal from the list La République en Marche (LREM) in favor of that led by the outgoing President Les Républicains (LR) Renaud Muselier. A few hours later, the president of the LR party announced that Renaud Muselier “will not be able to benefit from the LR nomination”.

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On Twitter, Eric Ciotti denounces “a stab in the back” and said to have known that “before the first round of the presidential election, they were preparing their bad soup on the small Elyos fire in the bad En Marche pot. ” The deputy (LR) of the Alpes-Maritimes affirm that “until the end, I hoped for their start, that of friends who get lost. They dared the unacceptable.” “This morning, I think of France which deserves so much better. As well as our activists and our voters, betrayed in their convictions”, he ends

Risk of explosion

“We need a clarification”, estimated Julien Aubert. If the merger were to take place, “You don’t have to be a great diviner to understand that Republicans risk exploding”, explained on franceinfo on Sunday 02 May le deputy of Vaucluse (LR).

“Me, I will not participate in this merger, I maintain that we must be an opposition party to Emmanuel Macron, I am fighting against his policy in Parliament, it is not to go sit for an armchair with his minister or some of its deputies “, he explains.

No short scale to “macronists”

The secretary general of the Aurélien Pradié party also reacted, on Twitter, to this announcement: “In Occitania we will set an example. I said it from the first day, I will hold it until the last. No opportunist alliance. No short scale, neither to the macronists who damaged France nor to the RN fanatic. Courage is there. Be clear and open a path. “

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