Regional: “It was not the right time”, believes Christian Estrosi



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Christian Estrosi, mayor LR from Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), is the guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2 on Tuesday 22 June.

In Paca, the candidate of the left and the Greens Jean-Laurent Felizia withdrew his list to block the National Assembly in the second round of regional elections. The sacrificed should not be the excluded. It will be necessary to hear, listen and take into account “, for example “to the Regional Economic and Social Council “, explains Christian Estrosi in the “4 Vérités” on Tuesday 22 June.

Of course, there is a risk of victory for the National Rally. We do not know how the too many abstainers will vote on Sunday, June 27. Nothing should be overlooked. The RN as always plays on fears and lies“, assures the mayor LR from Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). If the RN won, “that would be terrifying economically. Just see the RN’s non-program in this area“, he blurted out.

There are nearly 70% of abstainers in our country. It is a major crisis. It was not the right time with the health crisis nor the good idea to organize two elections at the same time “, he believes. “We need a reform which facilitates the right to vote, which makes automatic registrations, which allows postal voting. We must decentralize and give more powers to communities “ to give them more importance, suggests Christian Estrosi.

All political parties wanted to take this election hostage to step over it and make it a premise for the presidential election. All the political parties that held to this election in June were deceived“, he concludes.

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