Regional languages: call to demonstrate in defense of immersive education

This is a position that aims to reassure the defenders of regional languages. Emmanuel Macron assured Wednesday May 26 on Facebook that “Nothing can hinder” immersive teaching in regional languages.

The Head of State intervenes on this subject after the censorship by the Constitutional Council, Friday, May 21, of immersive education in regional languages, which caused the concern of many elected officials from several regions and his ally François Bayrou.

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A “Extremely serious alert” for the president of the Modem and mayor of Pau: “If the meaning of the decision of the Constitutional Council is to question the principle of the Diwan, ikastolas, calendrettas, bressaola schools, etc., then the situation will be explosive”, he warned on Twitter.

It’s a decision unfounded, radical, of incredible violence, which seeks not only to eradicate our languages, but also our identities and our cultures, storms the Eskolim association, which brings together six immersive education networks (Basque, Catalan, Breton, Occitan, Corsican and Alsatian / German). No sign or accent of so-called regional indigenous languages ​​is tolerated. It is indeed a question of linguistic purification. The Constitutional Council, guarantor of freedoms, attacks fundamental rights, freedom of education, freedom of expression of children. And it is a final decision. »Immersive school networks call to demonstrate for Saturday May 29.

Emmanuel Macron: “The languages ​​of France are a national treasure”

It is in this context that the President of the Republic interfered in the debate Wednesday, wishing the search for a solution. “The languages ​​of France are a national treasure” and “Continue to enrich our French culture. For decades, a major movement of transmission through immersive schools has brought these languages ​​to life and guaranteed their future. Nothing can hinder this decisive action ”.

“The law must liberate, never suffocate. Open, never reduce ”, insists Emmanuel Macron in allusion to the decision of the Wise Men, without citing it. “The same color, the same accents, the same words: this is not our nation”. The head of state explains having “Asked the government and the Parliament to find the means to guarantee the transmission of this linguistic diversity while respecting the educational frameworks widely recognized for half a century”.

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President Macron used nice words on languages ​​and immersion, reacted Peio Jorajuria, the president of the Basque association Seaska, after the president’s position. More than words we need action »He launched, reiterating the call to demonstrate this Saturday.

Tuesday, in the Assembly, questioned by several elected officials worried about the consequences of this decision for existing immersive schools, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that he had appointed two deputies on the subject.

The “Molac law” was adopted by Parliament on April 8 after a surprise vote by the Assembly, despite government opposition. Then, against the choice of the Prime Minister and the majority groups, the referral to the Constitutional Council on an individual basis, by 61 deputies of the majority, divided the elected officials. “Walkers”.


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