Reims: a press photographer attacked and seriously injured, an open investigation

A photo-journalist for the regional daily The union was seriously injured Saturday, February 27 in Reims, while covering groups of young people in the priority district Red Cross. An investigation is opened for attempted murder, we learned from the prefecture, the prosecution and the newspaper.

At around 3 p.m., “ a journalist from the newspaper L’Union was attacked and seriously injured in circumstances as yet undetermined, but on a voluntary basis. So I opened an investigation for attempted murder, entrusted to the departmental security », Indicated the prosecutor of the Republic of Reims, Matthieu Bourrette.

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The 65-year-old photographer, ” was taken care of by the Samu and transferred to the Reims University Hospital, with a vital prognosis », He clarified. ” It would seem “That he was covering” youth groups », Continued the prosecutor, indicating that no arrest has intervened at this stage.

The journalist ” was found on the ground around 3:30 p.m. in the Croix Rouge district (…). The police were there, had identified movements of young people, some of whom were wearing baseball bats, and reinforcements had been called “To secure the district, declared the prefect of Marne, Pierre N’Gahane.

“Nothing and nobody will ever hinder our will to inform”

The authorities have for the moment ” no precise information on what happened, whether he received any blows or a projectile. But he was on the ground, bleeding from his ears », He lamented.

Christian Lantenois, ” was with a colleague from the local Reims “, Alerted” of an event in the neighborhood “, Which he joined” with a flocked car Of the newspaper’s logo, explained to one of the newspaper’s two editors, Geraldine Baehr-Pastor. ” We don’t know if he got out alone, or if someone got him out of the car », Said the co-editor-in-chief Carole Lardot. The colleague has “ only heard an altercation », Before finding the photographer.

The company strongly condemns this aggression. Nothing and no one will ever hinder our will to inform or our freedom to act », Reacted the director general of the newspaper Daniel Picault, expressing his« thoughts for the victim and his relatives “.

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The district remains a sensitive district. A year ago, just before confinement, there were two series of clashes between young people from this neighborhood and from another neighborhood. “, Noted the prefect of Marne.


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