Relationship life: why money shouldn’t be taboo

OUR PSYCHO ADVICE – The couple should not be exempt from discussing finances, a sine qua non for a balanced relationship.

When Sarah Benmoyal and Corina Paraschiv, researchers in consumer behavior at the University of Paris, were interested in the multiple aspects of financial management within the couple, particularly psychological, they noted the low interest of French research for this question. “Associate the money with couple remains complicated because it is contrary to the ideal fusion that we have of this dyad, notes Sarah Benmoyal. In addition, the accounting logic of couples derives from an intimacy that they do not necessarily want to share. Finally, the subject of money remains taboo in general. ”

In their article published in March in the journal Manage & Understand , the researchers still report several studies, one of which reveals the main factors of financial conflict in a couple. It includes: being perceived as a spendthrift by your spouse or seeing your partner as a spendthrift, having financial worries, having three children,

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