Relationship Tips: Love Marriage Couple getting married is often tormented by the fear of deception, know why?

Relationship Tips: Marriage relationship is very sweet and sacred, whether it is love marriage or arranged, it is very important to have love and trust in both. Often the question arises in the minds of people that which is better love marriage and arranged marriage. Some people make the assumption that in love marriage, the person knows everything about each other in advance. In such a situation, the life ahead becomes very boring. Sometimes it is seen that knowing more than the limit becomes fatal for their relationship. However, we do not believe in such things because it completely depends on two people i.e. husband and wife.  Still have you ever thought that what are the reasons for which the partner feels like cheating or he makes mistakes like cheating. 

before and after marriage comparison
When we are in love, there is nothing more beautiful in our life than that. Having a late night party, talking for a long time, giving more importance to each other on a day-to-day dinner date or on a special occasion. However, after marriage, the meaning of many of these things changes to a great extent, due to which everything remains the same between husband and wife. 

likes dislikes separation 
choosing a partner is entirely up to us, seeing or thinking what things in each other we make up our mind to marry the other person . While some couples like to start the relationship after discussing with each other, this situation does not happen between many. They are girlfriend-boyfriend but there is nothing like taking each other’s opinion between them. When this continues even after marriage, then issues like arguments start between the couples. 

Not giving time to each other
One of the reasons for breaking up of love marriages is that partners already know each other’s likes and dislikes, good and bad. While some spouses do not leave any opportunity to fill romance in their life by taking advantage of this, some people get bored very quickly with this habit. It depends on the nature of the two  

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