Relationship Tips: Why Do Women Lose Sexual Desire? This is the reason responsible

Intimacy Problems in Women: After stress or fatigue, people’s sexual desire often decreases (Loss of intimacy). Due to the busy lifestyle, it is common to have problems in the relationship. However, such a situation can also be a matter of concern in the long run. This problem is called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). This problem is found mostly in women only. Generally, women do not talk openly on the issues related to physical intimacy and due to this the problem increases.

What is this disease HSDD is very common in women. Women who have this disorder are not interested in any kind of physical intimacy. This type of problem also causes tension. Even because of this, distances also start coming between the couples.

Why does this disease happen? Usually this problem is seen more in women after menopause. Sometimes this disorder also starts due to some disease or medicines. Apart from this, due to stress or depression, there can also be a lack of sexual desire in women. Pregnancy, the situation after having a child or a bad relationship with the partner can also be a reason for this. However, not every time these symptoms are a sign of HSDD.

What is the treatment If you think that you are suffering from HSDD, first of all, without any hesitation, tell your doctor about it. Apart from this, even in the condition of pre-menopause, women can get it treated with the advice of a doctor. Usually after taking medicines, this condition has seen improvement to a great extent. Apart from this, keep a happy atmosphere with your partner. This also affects the relationship. Apart from this, psychological therapy can also help you to a great extent.


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