Relatives of Arnaud Montebourg launch a political party with a view to 2022

The movement launched on Sunday by relatives of the former minister from Saône-et-Loire “aims to support Arnaud Montebourg’s candidacy in 2022 “.

Relatives of Arnaud Montebourg launched on Sunday January 10 a new political party, Engagement, intended to support a future candidacy of the former socialist minister, who became an entrepreneur, for the presidential election of 2022, its president announced to AFP. , Valentin Przyluski.

The title of this new party is the same as the book published by Arnaud Montebourg in 2020 (Commitment, published by Grasset), in which the latter recounts his three years spent at Bercy (2012-2014), as Minister of Productive Recovery and then of the Economy. Since then, Arnaud Montebourg, 58, has become an entrepreneur in the organic food industry (honey, ice cream, almonds).

Arnaud Montebourg was for fifteen years deputy in Saône-et-Loire, the department from which he comes. Before supporting François Hollande in 2011 and then becoming one of his ministers, he participated in the PS primary, arriving 3rd in the first round behind François Hollande and Martine Aubry.

“Fifty” of his relatives are working on the establishment and project of this new party “independent” and “autonomous” financially, thanks to the contributions of its members, according to Valentin Przyluski. The latter, aged 33, is the head of a company specializing in high technology and was adviser to Arnaud Montebourg in Bercy.

“Support the candidacy of Arnaud Montebourg”

The commitment, “which will be present in 85 of the 100 French departments by March 15, aims to support the candidacy of Arnaud Montebourg in 2022. It aims to bring out new profiles” on the political scene and to address all French people “beyond the left”, also affirms its president. “Responding to the climate emergency and the social emergency”, are among its main priorities.

In an interview with Le Point published on Saturday, Arnaud Montebourg indicated that he was “obvious that the question of my engagement” for 2022 be asked. “But I have not yet decided on the ways and means”, added the lawyer by training.

A supporter of de-globalization and Made in France, Arnaud Montebourg severely pinpoints President Emmanuel Macron, who succeeded him at Bercy in 2014, in this interview.

“For me, Macron is the anti-statesman who sold Alstom and Technip to the Americans, Alcatel to Finnish Nokia, Lafarge to Swiss Holcim and Chantiers de l’Atlantique to Italian Fincantieri. He continues. to abandon businesses every day in the hands of foreigners when he has the legal and legal power to block these sales “, he said.

Arnaud Montebourg also pleads for the cancellation of the debt resulting from the Covid-19 crisis and “a social plan at the top of the state” to end the “reign of the current technocracy”.

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