She had been rather discreet since her election to the American vice-presidency and the tremendous enthusiasm that her profile of “first” – woman, black, Asian… – to this post had aroused. On a diplomatic visit to Guatemala and Mexico, Kamala Harris makes his first official international trip and it is extensive.

At the center of the discussions between the American and the Guatemalan and Mexican presidents: the migration issue, while border crossings have never been so important. Harris has more than one trump card in her game: less because she is an immigrant herself than because the former attorney general is adept at negotiating, and the former California senator is up to date. migration issues – one of the ways out of this crisis undoubtedly lies in cooperation and the development of these bloodless countries.

Poisoned gift or handover from Biden to Harris, he who was in charge of the file when he was seconding Barack Obama? It is too early to tell. In any event, the migration issue is sizeable, in the United States as elsewhere. It is also important for the vice-president, who may be playing a role in her political future. In this area, one thing seems to be taken for granted: it should not do less well than its predecessors, Donald Trump in the lead.


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