Remains dependent on the CPF: a “social and economic error”, for Muriel Pénicaud

Posted Dec 19 2022 at 6:30 amUpdated Dec 19. 2022 at 6:39

The final adoption of the finance bill for 2023, on Saturday, paves the way for the introduction of a form of co-payment for any purchase by an employee via his personal training account (CPF), introduced by government amendment . The measure is not at all to the taste of Muriel Pénicaud. The former Minister of Labor is behind the creation of this “Training Booklet A”, as she liked to present it when she was on rue de Grenelle.

Recalling having joined Emmanuel Macron “for his transformative vision of emancipation through work and training”, she judges that it is “a contradiction in terms with the project” of the Head of State to touch a device which is “a real social advance, a great popular success”. « Establish[er] a remainder to be paid, whatever the cost of the training, is a social and economic error, therefore a political one”, she does not hesitate to affirm also in an interview with the “JDD” published on Sunday.

A measure that remains to be specified

“Imagine when you are at minimum wage! Even 50 euros is 50 euros too much! “, gets carried away the one who was part of the non-renewed ministers at the time of the departure of Matignon from Edouard Philippe, in July 2020. “The most modest and the most precarious, those who most need to train, will not be able to not pay; a remaining charge of 20 to 30% is mentioned, it’s huge! ” denounces, Muriel Pénicaud. “Disappointed and worried”, she calls on the government to withdraw its measure.

If it is now enshrined in law, it still needs to be clarified. To know the extent and the methods of application of the remainder with load, whose the unemployed will be exempted, it will be necessary to await its decree in Council of State, which will also specify the possibilities of assumption of responsibility by the employer of this participation.

The 2023 draft budget provided for 2.37 billion euros in CPF expenditure, down just under 400 million over one year due to the brakes already underway. Not enough to plug the deficit of France Skills, the national governance body for continuing education and learning, even if learning is the main source.

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