Repeated headaches, nausea, sensitivity to light … What if it was a migraine?

HEALTH ADVICE – Often wrongly assimilated to a banal headache, migraine is in fact a debilitating disease and little known to the public, which corresponds to very precise criteria. Its causes are still poorly understood.

In everyday language, “migraine” and “headache” have almost become synonymous. But in reality, these two terms do not mean the same thing and are therefore not interchangeable. “Migraine is a special type of headache, but not all headaches are migraines.», Explains Dr Anne Donnet, neurologist, head of the Pain Assessment and Treatment Center at the Timone hospital in Marseille. This confusion can keep people truly suffering from migraines in ignorance of the correct diagnosis, but also cause them to trivialize their pain.

In practice, a migraine is not just a headache. “It is a neurological disease with a very strict definition and a separate therapeutic approach.», Underlines Dr Caroline Roos, neurologist, head of the headache emergency center at Lariboisière hospital in Paris (APHP). Between 15 and 20% of the adult population is affected, i.e. around 7.5 million

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