Republic of San Marino votes to legalize abortion in referendum

This tiny mountainous enclave in the center of Italian territory was one of the last states in Europe to completely ban voluntary termination of pregnancy.

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Forty-three years after neighboring Italy, the small republic of San Marino approved the legalization of abortion on Sunday, September 26. In the referendum organized at the initiative of the Union of San Marino Women (UDS), 77.3% of voters said “Yes” the option of giving women the free choice of having voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) up to twelve weeks of pregnancy, depending on the final results. After this period, abortion would only be authorized in the event of a threat to the mother’s life or when abnormalities or malformations detected in the fetus. “carry a serious risk for the physical or mental health of the woman”.

“It is the victory of all the women of San Marino, over the conservatives and reactionaries who believe that women have no rights!”, greeted Karen Pruccoli, president of the UDS. And “it is a victory over the Catholic Church, which was our adversary, and tried everything to prevent this result”, she added.

It is a historic turning point for this micro-state with a strong Catholic tradition. This tiny, mountainous enclave in central Italian territory was one of the last states in Europe – along with Malta, Andorra and the Vatican – to completely ban voluntary termination of pregnancy, even in cases of rape, incest , fetal disease or danger to the mother.


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