Research reveals- diabetes, high blood pressure increase the risk of brain stroke in corona patients

London: The dangerous corona virus does not stop after infecting the body’s system, rather it spreads among patients and causes many problems. Researchers have found that eight out of 10 hospitalized with severe COVID-19 suffered neurological complications. Diseases like diabetes and hypertension make the corona virus worse. Because of them there is a risk of more trouble.

Covid patients with BP and diabetes at higher risk of stroke 

60 years of age, many of whom were diagnosed with modifiable risk factors, meaning that patients were already at risk for stroke. Delirium, psychiatric events, and other evidence of brain damage were found in other common conditions. More than 10 percent of patients experienced more than one neurological condition, and these patients were more likely to require intensive care and ventilation.

analysis of neurological and psychiatric problems associated with COVID

Researcher Amy Ross-Russell said, "We looked at not only how many different neurological and psychiatric events, but also how many of those conditions occurred simultaneously within the same patients. This suggests that covid disease can affect multiple parts of the nervous system in a single patient. That’s why it is important to understand why some strokes happen during Covid." The results suggest that COVID increases the risk of stroke and that public health measures can reduce it, including lifestyle modifications to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure, control of blood sugar, blood pressure, vaccination and other public health measures. including avoiding the risk of severe covid.

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