Research reveals- new corona strain spreads faster than old

The new strain of corona virus that came out in Britain is spreading ‘very’ faster than the earlier version. The sensational disclosure has been done in the research at Imperial College London. According to the report, the new variety increases the reproduction or R number between 0.4 and 0.7. Britain’s R number has been estimated between 1.1 and 1.3 and must be below 1.0 to reduce cases.

New strain of corona virus spreads rapidly

Researchers say the difference between the two varieties of the virus is ‘too much’. He said, “This is a big difference in how easily a new strain of the virus can spread. This is the most serious change in the virus since the onset of the epidemic.” Research revealed that the spread of the new variety occurred 3 times during lockdown in England. However, there was a one-third reduction in cases of earlier versions. Covid-19 cases in the UK have started increasing rapidly in recent times and a record increase in the number of cases was seen on a single day on Thursday.

Initial results indicated that the corona virus is spreading more rapidly among people below 20 years of age, especially children of school going age. But new research data has revealed that the new variety of corona virus is spreading rapidly among people of all ages. Researchers say one possible explanation is that the initial data were collected during the lockdown in November when schools were open and adult population activities were banned.

Comparison study with prior version revealed

He said, “Now we are seeing that the new strain of virus is increasing infectiousness in all groups.” Professor Jim Naismith of Oxford University says, “The new discovery indicates to me that strict restrictions will be needed soon.” He told that in simple words it can be understood that unless we do something different, the new strain of virus is going to spread, more infection is going to happen, more number is going to be in hospital and more death is going to happen. Is going to happen

R number is the average number of people from which it is understood that an infected person can infect how many people. If the number is above 1, then the epidemic is going to increase. The shocking thing of the research was that the November lockdown in England was very strict for many people, but it could not stop the spread of the new type of virus. However, those restrictions resulted in a one-third decrease in cases of the former virus type. But the new variety saw a 3-fold increase. It is not clear at the moment that the current strictness will be enough to control the spread of the virus.

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