Research reveals – people in India have sweet addiction

Hardly anyone in the world eats as much sweets as people eat in India. Sweets are definitely made in every function from wedding to birthday party. Not only this, after eating in most homes, they definitely eat something sweet. Now a research by The Indian Journal of Community Medicine has found that people in India are addicted to sugar which is at an alarming level. Sugar is used in food and drink in India at a record level, which is very dangerous. Diabetes, cancer and heart diseases are responsible for 80 percent of deaths in India every year. These diseases are somehow related to sugar. 

How many teaspoons of sugar should be consumed in a day?
You must be wondering how much  sweet can you eat in a day to stay healthy. So let us tell you that a person has been advised by WHO not to eat more than 6 teaspoons of sweets in a day. With this you can avoid diseases like obesity and diabetes. Try to include such things in the food which contain natural sugar.

Diseases caused by eating too much sugar
1 If you eat too much sugar, then you are at risk of getting type 1 diabetes.
2 Eating too much sugar daily can cause pancreas Produce more insulin, due to which the cells present in the body start to resist insulin. 
3 Eating too much sugar leads to heart problems. 
4 Due to the high amount of sugar, obesity increases. It seems.
5 Eating too much sugar causes headache and stress.

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