Reusing cooked oil can cause harm to health, this is Health Risk

Reheating Cooking Oil: We often do many things in the kitchen unknowingly, about which we are not fully aware and doing so becomes a mess with our health. Many times, instead of throwing the cooked oil in the kitchen, women again use it for some work. But do you know how dangerous it can be for our health. Our slightest greed can take a toll on our health.

Doctors believe that there are many disadvantages to using the oil once cooked in a pan for cooking again. Not only does this increase the amount of cholesterol, but the harmful toxins released from the cooked oil spoil both the air and the food. If you also re-use the cooked oil in your kitchen, then take a look at them.

invitation to many diseases
You would never have imagined how dangerous it can be to use the oil once cooked in the pan for other work. Due to this, the problem of many diseases like obesity, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, hypertension etc. has been seen. Doctors also recommend throwing away the reheating cooking oil.

Toxins come out of hot oil
Experts believe that if the oil is heated repeatedly, it releases toxins and on repeated heating, the fat molecules present in it start breaking down. This causes the oil to smell. If we use this oil again in food, then it spoils the food. Also, these molecules collect in the air and make the air harmful. They go in with our breath and harm our health.

boost cholesterol
Eating only fried or more oily food does not increase the amount of cholesterol in the body, but due to repeated heating of the oil, the fats present in it are converted into trans fats. Heart diseases start by eating this cooked oil. Which starts with the increase of cholesterol. Increased cholesterol invites heart diseases.

Blood pressure starts complaining

Reaction like polymerization takes place in the oil on repeated cooking. These reactions change the chemical composition of the cooked oil. Due to this in hot oil, free fatty acids and radicals are released, which form mono-glycerides, di-glycerides and tri-glycerides. This leads to complaints of hypertension and BP. The use of cooked oil for a long time can cause damage in many parts of the body. Therefore, it would be right to stop its use immediately.

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