Rise in fuel prices: for UFC-Que Choisir, “charging VAT on taxes is no longer socially acceptable”

According to Alain Bazot, president of the consumer association, the state “is taking advantage of the crisis to puncture all consumers”.

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UFC-Que Choisir called on Monday January 24, on franceinfo, to “to put an end to a tax aberration” on the price of fuel, while the price of a liter of gasoline continues to climb. At the same time, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire has ruled out lowering fuel taxes because “the French will not see the color”. He asserted, however, that we “may consider specific measures for those who have no choice but to go to work with their car”.

For Alain Bazot, the president of UFC-Que Choisir, “there is a problem of over-taxation on energy. Charging VAT on taxes is no longer bearable, no longer socially acceptable.” If remove this VAT “it’s expensive” to the State, Alain Bazot wonders if “Is it normal for the State to take advantage of the crisis to tax all consumers?” He calls to “overhaul the logic and legitimacy of taxation”.

The president of UFC-Que Choisir recalls that the Energy Regulatory Commission has affirmed that “energy consumer” was “the cash cow”. For him he is “It has become unbearable that the State takes 20% of products which are essential goods for getting around, for working”. He points out that“It’s not just people who work” who use their vehicle, but that there are also “elderly people who have to travel to see their doctor” or for “go shopping”.

If specific measures are envisaged by the government, then there will be a “targeting problem”, adds Alain Bazot. “This will pose insurmountable difficulties with further injustice for the most fragile and the most price-sensitive.” According to him, there is therefore no longer “legitimacy to have a 20% VAT and especially not a VAT on taxes”.

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