Rishi Kapoor Name in Mehndi

Neetu Kapoor is not feeling happy at this time and she is also emotional. Neetu’s beloved Ranbir Kapoor is getting married today. Ranbir will take seven rounds with Alia Bhatt on April 14 at 2 pm. Earlier on April 13, Ranbir and Alia’s Mehndi took place. Neetu Kapoor was happy to see mehendi on her son’s hand, but she cried. His eyes lit up. Such was the occasion. His liver pieces were Ranbir’s mehendi on the day when Neetu Kapoor got engaged to Rishi Kapoor on the same date 43 years ago.

Neetu and Rishi Kapoor got engaged on 13 April 1979. Neetu shared her engagement picture with Rishi Kapoor on the day of Ranbir-Alia’s Mehndi Ceremony. On one side the mehendi was going on and on the other side Neetu was emotional. He somehow held back the tears. After applying mehendi to son Ranbir and future daughter-in-law Alia, he also applied mehndi on his hands. In this Mehndi, Neetu Kapoor got the name of late husband Rishi Kapoor written. Neetu Kapoor has shared the picture of Mehndi in her hands on her Instagram story.

When Rishi Kapoor wanted to see son Ranbir Kapoor ride a horse, Neetu Singh told that husband’s wish
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Rishi Kapoor had a dream of a grand wedding, the function was to be held in December 2020
Rishi Kapoor passed away on 30 April 2020. He was suffering from leukemia. Rishi was planning Ranbir’s wedding in the same year. But what did he know that he did not have the marriage of Ranbir, the star of his eyes in his luck. Rishi Kapoor dreamed of son Ranveer’s grand wedding. He wanted Ranbir to get married in December 2020. But only a few months before this, Rishi Kapoor passed away from this world.

Neetu Kapoor is progressing slowly
Along with Neetu Kapoor, the whole family was in bad shape. That’s how he handled himself. Neetu Kapoor is now progressing slowly in life. The children have settled down, so now she has returned to work.


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