RNA, at the dawn of a new medicine

DECRYPTION – The technology that has made it possible to develop vaccines against Covid-19 in record time is raising hope in many other diseases.

The health crisis will have given a tremendous spotlight to RNA vaccines. Not only has this technology made it possible to develop an extremely effective vaccine in record time, it could open a new chapter in the history of medicine. Therapeutic or even preventive vaccine against cancer or AIDS, treatment of autoimmune or cardiac diseases: the list of RNA’s promises is long. “Their only limit is the imagination of scientists”, summarizes Bernard Verrier, CNRS researcher at the Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering Laboratory. “In theory, RNA could fight degenerative diseases, fight against aging, why not initiate the regrowth of nerves in paraplegia, enthuses Steve Pascolo, immunologist, director of the therapeutic mRNA platform at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and among the first to be interested in it. But we are not there yet! ”

The technique was born less ago

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