Rochefort, Noiret, Marielle: the trio of “melanchomics” on France 3

Marielle, Noiret, Rochefort… These three have so marked French cinema that we cannot think of France for the past fifty years without finding them so present in our imagination. Three brindezingues, from the middle bourgeoisie of the provinces, who had fled boredom. Three sweet crazy, trio of wacky cripples crippled by doubts and complexes, linked by a solid friendship that dated from their chaotic beginnings.

“Do you really want to be an actor? “, had thrown in the face of Marielle and Rochefort their shrewd professors from the Conservatory who had also missed Belmondo … Noiret, him, made his scales at the TNP with Jean Vilar and ran the cachet at the cabaret.

Comfortable in all genres

The New Wave had ignored them too. All three went from theater to cinema, without really believing in it. We know the rest. Three must-haves on the big screen, three popular actors for popular films, comfortable in all genres. None of their appearances was mediocre, recalls the documentary by Pascal Forneri, written with François Aymé, which places them in their time and shows that they were also a reflection of it …

Bertrand Tavernier brings them together for the first time in Let the party begin…, a dazzling film. And Patrice Leconte will reconstitute the trio at the end of their career in The Grand Dukes, a recognition film. Joël Séria (The cakes De Pont-Aven) expresses his gratitude to Jean-Pierre Marielle. Édouard Baer analyzes, with finesse, the game of these geniuses who blazed the trail for him. Guy Bedos evokes the derision of these “Melanchomic”. Françoise Fabian recalls her memories.

Playing, daring, and feasting seemed to be their enduring motto. “With them, nothing is ever trivial. And I think they don’t do it on purpose ”, insists Patrice Leconte, great fan of their “Elegant madness”. For him, as for us, Marielle, Noiret, Rochefort were, and remain, “Amazing actors”.


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