RRR actor Ram Charan said – I am completely impressed by the officers of the army, proud to see the uniform

Mega Power Star Ram Charan attended the Wrath Laying Ceremony at the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav organized by the Government of India at the Veerula Sanku Memorial at the Parade Ground in Hyderabad.

This event is being organized to mark 75 years of Indian Independence and to pay tribute to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Ram Charan seen in the colors of patriotism

On this occasion, the actor appreciated the patriotism and work of the soldiers of the country. “Army officers face harsh weather in all corners of our country so that we can live here peacefully and carry out our day to day activities,” he said. He said, ‘I want the students to always remember that the air we breathe, the path we walk, the country we live in so proudly and peacefully, is completely reminiscent of the officers and veterans sitting here. is because of. I am totally hooked on the officers of the army. I am very proud to see any man or woman in any uniform. In the 14 films I have worked in so far, I have directly or indirectly played some roles in which I have donned a police uniform like Dhruv, Zanjeer and the latest release RRR. I am standing here today only because you all fought for us.

Ram Charan seen in the colors of patriotism

Ram Charan seen in the colors of patriotism

He said, ‘I hope that I will continue to do any kind of service for this country and will fully support the Indian Army, Indian Navy’.


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