Rugby: despite the defeat against England, nothing is lost for the XV of France

Disappointed after the short defeat of his men after a dubious last minute test on which he refused to expand, French captain Charles Ollivon preferred to see the glass half full. “There is obviously a little disappointment, we fail at three points but we still have our destiny in our hands, we are continuing our progress, we are still in the game to win the Tournament,” did he declare.

“A great match” according to Fabien Galthié

Everything is said in a few sentences by the captain who underlines the lack of control at the end of the game of his Blues, who had led this “crunch”, nickname of the historic confrontation in France and England, during most of the 80 minutes. “The team delivered a great game. It’s a thing. Then there is this denouement. You have to digest it, abounds his boss Fabien Galthié. It is played at the end. Overall, there is something to be proud of with the players. “

If they manage to snatch two victories – increased to six points in case of success thanks to four tries – in the two matches still on the program against the Welsh on Saturday March 20 and against Scotland on a date not yet fixed (the match had canceled following the health situation of the Blues), Fabien Galthié’s players can still win this Tournament. Ten years after their last victory in the exercise in 2010. At the time, this success had introduced a place in the final of the World Cup 2011.

Solidarity at all levels

“Use the frustration of this game to prepare for the next one against the Welsh. ” This was the speech of the coach in the locker room at the end of the meeting during which the Blues still showed some flaws. Their cute sins, a few balloons falling out of their hands at the wrong time and a bit of indiscipline leading to penalties, are still there, but less and less present. The progression of these points under the Galthié era is evident.

Likewise, a major chapter in rugby, cohesion and solidarity in groupings have never been lacking. The full-backs have always found the energy to give the decisive helping hand to their forwards who had so much missed under the previous terms. Against the English, art was almost there, but the manner never failed. Even if the accounts are not good at the end of the Tournament, this lesson will have to be learned for the future and the 2023 World Cup organized in France.


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