Running too much AC can be fatal, know what is important to take care of

AC Side Effects For Health: AC (Air Conditoner) is the only way to keep the body cool in the hot summer. Sweat dries up as soon as you sit in the AC and gives relief from the heat, but do you know that this AC can also be fatal. There have been many such cases where the family sleeping in the AC has not been able to see the face of the morning. Many times people have lost their lives due to the compressor burst of AC. There are many such poisonous gases in AC, which can even kill your life if it leaks. Sleeping or working for a long time in AC also causes many health-related problems. In such a situation, if you also use AC, then take care of these important things.

How dangerous is sleeping in AC?

1- ACs that cool the house and office are injurious to health. This is causing many kinds of problems.
2- Sleeping for a long time in AC can cause headache in the morning.
3- There is difficulty in breathing while sleeping in AC and the throat starts getting worse.
4- If you run AC at low temperature then allergy or headache may start.
5- Keeping children and elderly people in AC for a long time weakens their immunity system.
6- The room remains closed while running the AC, in which case there may be a lack of oxygen.
7- Sleeping in AC can cause sneezing and cold hot.

How to find out if gas is leaking from AC?

1- It is very difficult to know about the gas leaking from the AC. Because there is no smell when the gas leaks. However, there are some reasons for gas leaks which you should keep in mind.
2- If the AC is not fitted properly, the gas may leak.
3- Get the AC pipes checked, if there is any defect in the pipe then there may be a problem of gas leak.
4- If your AC is old and the tube is rusted or if it is not cooling properly then gas leaking may occur.

What are the things to keep in mind while using AC

1- You should get the AC service done every year before the start of the summer season.
2- Get the AC service done by a certified mechanic or trusted person only.
3- Do open the windows and doors of the AC room for a while in the day.
4- While filling the gas, keep in mind the quality of AC gas.
5- Instead of window AC, you use split AC, it is better.

At what temperature and for how many hours can the AC run?

Some people run AC at a temperature of 16 or 18 degrees to get instant relief from the heat. Which is wrong according to health and bill. You should run AC at home or office at 25-26 degree Celsius. You can lower the temperature at night compared to the day, this will keep your health fine. Cool the room once by running the AC and then after a while turn off the AC. If you stay in AC throughout the day, then immunity can become weak.

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