Russia: opponent Alexei Navalny claims to have trapped one of the agents involved in his poisoning

Did Alexei Navalny manage to get a Russian agent to confess details of his poisoning? The opponent of Vladimir Putin posted online on Monday, December 21, what is presented as a recording of a telephone conversation with a secret service agent, unknowingly giving him details of the assassination attempt he made. was a victim in August. The FSB denounced a “forgery”.

On his blog, Navalny explains having deceived Konstantin Kudriavtsev, presented as an expert in chemical weapons of the FSB, by using a device allowing to falsify his phone number, and by presenting himself as an assistant to the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, close to Vladimir Putin, who needed his testimony to write a report.

The person presented as the FSB agent is initially hesitant, before engaging in a 45-minute conversation, during which she reveals in particular that the poison that targeted Alexeï Navalny had been deposited inside his sub- clothing. He says he did not participate in the poisoning, but in the destruction of evidence a posteriori.

The individual judges that Alexeï Navalny only survived thanks to the pilot of the plane on board which he made his faintness, and to the emergency doctors who treated him: “If he had flown a little longer (…) maybe everything would have turned out differently“.

The opponent does not provide any proof of the identity of his interlocutor, but asserts that “any vocal expertise will show that it is indeed” by Konstantin Koudriavtsev. He explains that he retrieved his contact details thanks to an investigation by the Bellingcat site of the agents involved in his surveillance, and claims that he also called the other seven agents mentioned, but that they hung up.

“The video with (this) phone conversation is a forgery”, replied the FSB in a statement quoted by Russian news agencies, adding that this “alleged ‘investigation'” constituted “a planned provocation” that would not have been possible “without the technical and organizational support of foreign special services”. Moscow has always denied that Alexey Navalny was poisoned.

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