Safalta Ki Kunji: The secret of success is hidden in these two things, the one who knew it became ‘wealthy’

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that to get success, a person should imbibe some good things in his life. The secret of success is hidden in good things, those who follow the wrong paths to achieve success, they are not able to enjoy success for a long time. The key to success says that if you want permanent and long-lasting success in life, then you have to adopt the best qualities. What are these best qualities, let us know-

sweet voice- The key to success says that speech plays a major role in the success of life. Many times it is seen that a person is very capable and efficient, but a sense of arrogance and anger is visible in his speech. Such people are not liked due to lack of sweetness of speech. Others distance themselves. Due to lack of sweetness in speech, the ability of a capable person also proves to be in vain.

The key to success says that when there is sweetness in speech along with ability, then the person’s ability gets four moons, such people achieve immense success in life. Such people get appreciation. The key to success says that even an enemy can be made a friend with a sweet voice. Therefore the person’s speech should be sweet. Do not speak such a voice that fills the heart of others with pain.

Politeness- The key to success says that success and failure are hidden in the nature of a person. People who are arrogant in nature and consider themselves superior, they never get respect. Other people like to keep distance from such people. On the other hand, the person who will have tenderness and humility in nature, everyone likes him. Such people get respect everywhere. They are loved by all. They never suffer in life. They get the support of others even in bad times. Such a person is also blessed by the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi ji.

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