Safalta Ki Kunji: Those who do these works never get respect, even Lakshmi ji does not give

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that a person’s life is very important. The importance of this life should be understood, people who do not understand the usefulness and importance of life, they face difficulties and challenges later on. Lord Krishna says in the Gita that man should recognize the value of this life. One who understands the importance of this life, he achieves the goals. The key to success says that if a person wants success and respect in life, then he should not do these things even by forgetting-

Condemnation- The key to success says that one should stay away from condemnation. In the scriptures, blasphemy has also been called slander. It is such a juice that on taste it becomes addictive and then many types of evil take birth. Therefore, one should stay away from condemnation. Those who criticize are not seen with respect. While doing evil to others, those evils enter themselves.

greed- The key to success says that one should stay away from greed. Greed makes a person selfish. A person who is greedy can never achieve success. Such people are never satisfied and are always full of negative thoughts. Therefore greed should be avoided. One should try hard to earn success. Greed gives rise to many kinds of evils. Such a person is ready to cheat others for his selfishness. Cheating is the worst habit.

Anger- The key to success says that success and respect in life is achieved only when a person adopts the best qualities. Anger is considered a demerit. Anger is a demerit. In anger, a person is unable to distinguish between good and bad. Due to anger, such a person gets caught in big troubles many times. Anger also breeds ego. One should stay away from these demerits.

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