Saints of the weekend and of the week

Saturday February 6

St Paul Miki, priest, and his companions, martyrs, † 1597 in Nagasaki; Amand, Antolien, Constantien, Dorothée, Gaston, Xénia.

Sunday 7th

Bse Eugénie Smet, Lilloise, founder of the Auxiliatrices des âmes du Purgatoire, † 1871; Audren, Chryseuil, Gena, Tresain.

Saints of the week

Monday 8

St Jérôme Émilien, founder, † 1537 in Somasca (near Bergamo); St Joséphine Bakhita, Sudanese slave, then nun, † 1947 in Chio (Italy); Hope, Jacut, Jacqueline, Nicet.

Tuesday 9

St Ansbert, Chancellor of King Clotaire III, abbot of the Benedictine abbey of Fontenelle, then bishop of Rouen, † VIIe century; Apolline, Bravy, Chamassy, ​​Maroun, Miguel.

Wednesday 10

Ste Scholastique, sister of St Benoît, nun, † around 547 in Mont-Cassin; St José Luis Sanchez del Rio, young Mexican, martyr in Mexico, † 1928; Aloïs, Arnaud, Austreberte, Trojan.

Thursday 11

Our Lady of Lourdes (1858) ; Doriane, Héloïse, Théodora.

Friday 12

St Benoît d’Aniane, cupbearer at the court of Pépin le Bref, then monk and founder of Benedictine monasteries, † around 821; Félix, Mélissa, Ombeline, Réginald, Saturnin.

Saturday 13

Bse Béatrice d’Ornacieux, Iséroise, founder of a monastery in Eymeux (Drôme), † around 1303; Ange, Fulcran, Gilbert, Gimer, Jordan.


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