Saints of the weekend and of the week

Weekend saints

Saturday August 21

St Pius X, Pope, † 1914 in Rome; Christophe, Privat, Sidoine, Yuna, Zelda.

Sunday 22

The Virgin Mary Queen; St Philippe Benizi, Florentine physician, superior of the Servites of Mary, † 1285; Fabrice, Marie-Reine, Symphorien.

The saints of the week

Monday 23

Ste Rose de Lima, Dominican tertiary, † 1617; Fortunée, Romy, Rosaline, Théonille.

Tuesday 24

St Barthélémy, apostle; Ste Émilie de Vialar, founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition, dedicated to teaching, † 1856; Audoin, Lemmy, Nathanaël.

Wednesday 25

St Louis, king of France, † 1270 in Tunis; St Joseph of Calasanz, priest, founder of the Clerics of the Pious Schools, † 1648 in Rome; Bx Thomas in Kempis, German, monk near Zwolle (Netherlands), † 1471; Genès, Sever, Yrieix.

Thursday 26

St Cesaire, Bishop of Arles, † 542; Ste Thérèse Jornet, Catalan, founder of the Little Sisters of Abandoned Old People, † 1897; Hellouin, Mercurial, Natacha, Séphora, Valier.

Friday 27

Ste Monique, mother of St Augustin, † 387 in Ostie; Bx Dominique Barberi, passionate Italian religious, † 1849; Guérin, Monika, Mona, Vidian.

Saturday 28

St Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (Algeria), doctor of the church, † 430; Florentine, Hermès, Linda. Vivien.


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