Sajid and Salman became emotional one night on the sets of ‘Radhey’, the presence of Wajid Khan of Feeling

Salman Khan has started shooting for the film ‘Radhey’. There was also a lot of emotional moment on the sets between the shoots. In the film, Sajid-Wajid duo Sajid was present on the set. Wajid is not in this world and Sajid had to come on the set alone. During this time, he felt the lack of his dead brother Wajid. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Sajid told how he misses Wajid everywhere.

The emotional moment came on the night of 6 October
In the film ‘Radhe’, a song by Sajid-Wajid is being shot on Salman Khan, but Wajid is not in this world. Sajid was alone on the sets when shooting resumed after the lockdown. There was also Disha Patni and Salman’s younger brother Sohail. The shoot was about to end on 6 October, Salman, Sohail and Sajid were talking among themselves. Around 11.45, Sajid told Salman that tomorrow (on 7 October) is Wajid’s birthday.

Video: Salman, Sohail and Sajid Khan missed out on Wajid Khan’s Birth Anniversary

Wajid’s presence
Salman asked for a cake at the same time. Salman and Sohail hug Sajid. All three became emotional. Sajid says, Salman, Sohail and I looked up at the moon and felt that Wajid was watching us. Sajid says that Salman then put his hand on the shoulder and said that Wajid is always with us.

Sajid still can’t believe it
Wajid Khan did not live in this world on 31 May. He died of cardiac arrest. He had been struggling with kidney disease for a long time. Sajid is not able to believe this yet. He says, when I am in the car, it seems, Wajid is next. I feel his presence everywhere. We ate together on the set and even slept together. We have been together at every stage, now I feel that if I am called to speak somewhere, how will I be able to speak?


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