Sajid Khan changed his surname, now Wajid’s name cannot be separated till death

With the demise of Wajid Khan last year, a wonderful pairing of Bollywood’s music industry was shattered forever. In the Bollywood music industry, these two persons (Sajid-Wajid, Sajid and Wajid) were different but both were always taken together. Now Sajid has changed his name in such a way that Wajid can never be separated from his name.

Let us know that after the kidney transplant last year, he died after suffering from COVID-19. Now his brother Sajid wants his name to always be alive. He said, ‘I don’t want people to call me Sajid Khan. So I have replaced my name’s surname with Wajid. Now my name is Sajid Wajid and it will remain so till the end. ‘

In an exclusive conversation with the Times of India, he said, “So what happened that his body is not in this world, I feel his presence every moment.” I have started composing tunes, which I never thought I would be able to do and all this is only because of them. I feel that Wajid is always with me during that time. ‘ Let me tell you that Wajid Khan is busy these days in the reality show ‘Indian Pro Music League’.

He described how some relationships and bonds are above death. He said, ‘We were three brothers, Wajid, Javed and me. When my father was ill, he told us that nothing should come between us and we always followed it. We always want to set an example regarding the bonding of brothers. ‘

He further said, ‘Today, money, career and power are highly regarded. Brothers and sisters are never able to meet you, children are not able to take care of their old parents, but we are not like this. We are very much attached to our family. Our priorities are to keep our family happy. ‘

Recalling the days of brother’s hospital, Sajid said, ‘I was very close to my brother Wajid and that was the reason why I went to see him wearing PPE kit against everyone’s advice. It is very difficult to fill their gap. After losing him, I told Salman bhai, ‘The day I feel that the fire is no longer in me, then I will tell you that my work is over. He gave a lot of support and supported in difficult times. Today I feel confident and more fire. ‘


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