In two days, January 12, the sales will be open. Open and unopened. Because the term is indeed a masculine noun when it refers to goods which, remaining unsold, are liquidated at a discount by the manufacturer or the dealer ‘, recalls the dictionary of the French Academy.

Word balance was first used in slang to denote a coupon of unsold fabric. By extension, it was then used for all items not sold in stores. Then the term sales, in the plural, has become synonymous with promotional sales. The first major operations of this kind would have been imagined from the beginning of the 19th century.e century by Simon Mannoury: eager to get rid of the unsold goods cluttering the shelves of his Parisian clothing store, Le Petit Saint-Thomas, he decided to sell them off.

Gradually, promotions of this kind will multiply. To the point of pushing the public authorities to react, in particular to curb the proliferation of “unpacking sales” on the part of itinerant traders who have come to compete with the stores having a storefront. The law of December 31, 1906 therefore sets new rules. And wrote the word for the first time sales in French regulations.

Unlike the other promotions, “White Month” or “Black Friday”, the summer and winter sales are always governed by strict rules. These are the only two times of the year when traders are allowed to sell at a loss in order to facilitate Laccelerated flow of goods in stock ”. However, only goods offered for sale and paid for for at least one month on the start date of the relevant sales period ‘.


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