Salman Khan is lying on the sofa in the house, Mahesh Manjrekar said – he is a superstar but does not even run AC

‘This man is so successful. It has so much success, but the man behind it is a typical middle class guy. This is the thinking of actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar about Salman Khan. Mahesh Manjrekar who considers Salman as his brother recently spoke about his bond with the actor and said that he thinks Salman should get married. Even though he looks very happy from outside but inside he is lonely.

Along with this, Mahesh Manjrekar also talked about Salman Khan’s lifestyle and told how he lives at home. Mahesh Manjrekar, in an interview to Siddharth Kanan, expressed surprise that despite being such a big star, Salman leads a simple life and lives in a one bedroom flat.

‘Salman keeps lying on the sofa without running AC’

Mahesh Manjrekar said, ‘One or the other, he does not have a lot of hobbies. You must have also seen where Salman lives. It is a one bedroom flat. More than half the time I go to his house, I see him lying on the sofa in the drawing room. Sometimes it seems that there is so much success behind a man. But in reality the man behind this success is a typical middle class man. Mahesh Manjrekar told that he feels hot when Salman goes there. He keeps on turning off the AC. Sometimes they have to run AC.

‘Salman alone, needs someone’s support in life’
Mahesh Manjrekar now feels that Salman needs a life partner. He needs a person with whom he can share his joys and sorrows. He said, ‘All the people who are with Salman are very good. All his friends are very nice. They all love Salman Khan. But when those people go from there, they go to someone. But to whom should Salman go? His brothers – Arbaaz and Sohail – have their own lives.

‘Want to see Salman’s son’

Mahesh Manjrekar further said that he has a problem with the fact that Salman is not getting married and whenever he talks to him about it, he postpones it. Whereas he wishes to see Salman’s son tomorrow. Mahesh Manjrekar said, ‘I can also talk with Salman on things that no one else can do. I think Salman should get married and I also tell him many times that Salman, you don’t marry, his issue is mine. I sincerely want her to get married.

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He further said, ‘Tomorrow I want to see Salman’s son. I can talk to him about this too. More than half the time, he ignores my words. But I really feel that he needs a partner to whom he can return. With whom you can share happiness and sorrow. Sometimes it seems that the happier he shows himself on the outside, the more lonely he is on the inside.

Was going to get married with Sangeeta Bijlani

Salman may not be in the mood for marriage, but he has had link-ups and affairs with many actresses. From Aishwarya Rai to Katrina Kaif, Somi Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani came in his life. Salman was about to get married with Sangeeta Bijlani. It is said that even the wedding cards were printed, but the matter got worse on the spot.


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