Salman said to Rahul Vaidya again and again that ‘fugitive’ erupted Manu Punjabi’s anger, he is not a great fugitive

What did Rahul Vaidya leave of ‘Bigg Boss’ house of his own free will, Salman Khan and the makers made him a ‘fugitive’. Due to this, many people started considering him as a fugitive on social media too. In this weekend’s war also, Salman told Rahul Vaidya a lot on leaving Bigg Boss. But now Manu Punjabi has come under Rahul’s support.

‘Salman sir tried to prove that Rahul was a fugitive’

Manu, who joined the contestants in ‘Bigg Boss 14’, left the house midway due to Punjabi health issues. He is right now and has shared a video in Rahul’s support. Manu Punjabi is unhappy that Rahul Vaidya is being repeatedly called ‘fugitive’ and Salman Khan is also engaged in proving this by saying it again and again.

‘Rahul Vaidya went out on show finale’

Manu Punjabi said, ‘Rahul Vaidya has a great thing about why he is being called a fugitive. He left the show and fled in the middle. Salman sir tried to propose 10 times by saying that he was a fugitive and he had run away. But Sorry, I do not believe this thing because when you say that the finale of the show is going on and it is at its final stop. If there is a person giving the reason of his family and saying that I want to meet my family. But Salman sir says that he did not want to meet anyone else but the family.

‘I am proud of Rahul’s decision, he is not a fugitive’

Manu further said, ‘Whether Rahul Vaidya went for his girlfriend or his mother, he went for any reason, he is great. There is a quality in him that he is leaving such a big stage, listening to the voice of his heart and asking him to leave. And whether he wants to meet his girlfriend or his mother, and is giving more attention to them, in my view, he holds more value. ‘

Video: Manu Punjabi angry at Salman for calling Rahul ‘fugitive’

‘Now he comes in, if you taunt him then this …’

Salman Sir gave the example of another jail, what would he have done if he had been in jail? Do we still cry? So many inmates in jail would cry and remember their mother, brother, sister. But he cannot go from there, but he could leave from here. Yes, it is his (Rahul Vaidya) fault here that he wanted to come back on the show because his fans love him. Because he felt that he also had some respect in this. I can find more in this show. So he came in. Now if you say anything to him then it depends on you. But according to me, if someone leaves the show due to family, then people may judge it, but I respect that decision. Rahul did what he did right. Now you can taunt him repeatedly for this because he is part of the show.


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